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Menyusuri Keindahan Wisata Di Venesia

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Rabu, 14 November 2018

Aku sangat suka berbagi hal apapun kepada kalian, sobat Dunia Faisol. Aku ingin berbagi hal yang sangat menyenangkan untuk diulas, yakni seputar traveling. Juga traveling ini akan aku ulas yang mungkin bermanfaat untuk kawan-kawan saya di INSIDR.CO dimana kita semua sudah tau, bahwa INSIDR adalah startup ramah yang berbasis di Paris, dengan tujuan untuk menjadikan pengalaman perjalanan sobat menjadi pengalaman terbaik. Nggak sebatas itu doang, lho.. Mereka juga sering menampilkan postingan yang berisi tips-tips saat perjalanan, semoga bermanfaat untuk kalian...

Cruise Along The Canal in Venice

Venice is well-known around the world for the obvious reason; for the beauty of the city and the canals all around the city. Go along the Grand Canal, which is the main canal in Venice and goes on for 3.8 kilometers. In the southern base of the Grand Canal, you can find Piazza San Marco. There are some other places around here that you should pay a visit to, such as Palazzo Ducale. This is the main public square of Venice and always being lively. Lido is also a place worth a visit; it separates the Venice Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea, and also known as the most hip resort island in Venice.

Venice has a lot of interesting activities that would be a pity to miss, so read this itinerary to spend time in Venice that has been made by the guys at INSIDR to help you get the best experience. Get another practical information such as where you can stay in Venice and public transportation access.

Of course, I won't forget about the foods! Italian foods are among the best in the world, so you shouldn't miss it at all. Enjoy the authentic Italian gelato along your journey discovering the city. Aside from typical Italian foods, Venice has their own typical Venetian food. They were very proud of this, and that’s not without reason! Try these typical Venetian foods like ‘sarde in saor’ or ‘ baccala mantecato’. Eat like locals in these best local restaurants in Venice with their amazing foods. End your night by try some classical Venetian drink.

If you still have a day or two to spare, these places just outside of Venice is worth to be checked out!

More Italian Food At Rome
Haven’t had enough Italian food? Let’s go to the capital!

Enjoy your breakfast in these best places to get breakfast in Rome. Get the best authentic pasta carbonara in Rome. Each of these places has their own signature taste and everything is amazing. Try the very Italian habit and try these places to have aperitivo. And of course, you can have some fun by the end of the day by going to one of this live music bars and venue in Rome. Another very useful information, you can totally save your budget for holiday in Rome by this tips from INSIDR!

Embrace The Calm Atmosphere of Copenhagen
Denmark has been known as one of the happiest and peaceful places on earth, and this could be right for your next destination! There are a lot of things you can do in Copenhagen, and ideally, you can do it in around 3 days with this itinerary from INSIDR. Go to the classic Tivoli Gardens and walk along the old harbor of Nyhavn. Explore Vesterbro; a district that previously was a red light district of Copenhagen, but now being a very hip area. For art lovers, you can spend your time visiting the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. This museum takes around 35 minutes to reach from the center of Copenhagen, but it really is worth the extra travel time. Public transportation in Copenhagen has a very good system so you can get anywhere without any trouble!

Fun and Affordable Few Days in Porto
Porto has a lot of things that the travelers can enjoy, not to mention the amazing food that we can try there. Spend two days in Porto by following this recommendation by INSIDR and you wouldn’t miss anything that you should do in this city. You also will have a lot of choice of places to stay in Porto. It will be an unforgettable fun holiday! If that wasn't enough, of course, you can always continue your trip to Lisbon and enjoy Portugal for a few more days.

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