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Yummy! Review Popular Danish Biscuits. It is so Delicious, guys!

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Jumat, 25 Oktober 2019
Hello friends...

Snacks or biscuits turned out to be very popular with every people. In particular, for Indonesian people, biscuits are always present in every activity, both general activities when receiving guests, to routine hospitality events. The biscuits that I often encounter is popular danish biscuits. It sounds familiar, isn't it?

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Yup. Danish Monde Butter Cookies or what we usually called by Monde Biscuits, is one type of biscuits made from margarine without the use of yeast. Danisa Butter Cookies itself is under the auspices of PT Nissin Biscuit Indonesia. In addition, this Monde biscuit is also famous for its crispy, soft, and crunchy texture in the mouth. Matter of taste, of course, no one in this world who dares to doubt the delicious taste. Monde Biscuits itself consists of 5 different types of biscuits. Each of them are vanilla ring, Swedish style, Norwegian style, currant cookies, and finnish style. For the Norwegian style and vanilla, both types of biscuits do not have topping either. Unlike the type of Swedish style and finnish style, where they are sprinkled with granulated sugar and raisins.

Vanilla and Norwegian style has a soft texture, and has a savory and very tasty flavor. Both types of Monde biscuits are very suitable if collaborated with a glass of fresh warm tea. Another case with the type of Currant cookies, where it has a slightly sour taste sweetness because there are raisins. Overall, the texture of the Danish Monde Butter Cookies biscuits is somewhat hard but crispy.

 According to news circulating, Monde biscuit products now come in even smaller forms than before. With the form of a super mini biscuits, of course this will increasingly make it look more adorable. I think of course it's very easy to be used as a gift when meeting family, or a warm family event. Fake cookies this one is indeed designed with a super mini size, but seen from its shape like a real biscuit. In other words, these miniature danish butter cookies are not just accessories, but can also be consumed. In fact, there are several flavors to choose from. Apart from all that, fake cookies are each produced with a unique shape. I was so detailed, even the topping in the form of sugar and raisins also looks very real you know. But you need to remember, that this fake miniature Danish Butter Cookies product can not be found in any shop. Thus a brief review of the review of Danish Monde Butter Cookies. End of words enough, hopefully this review can be useful.