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Top 10 Best Destinations in Thailand to Visit

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Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2020
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For travelers who like to explore new places. Visiting overseas is one of the most sought after options. Various places can be visited easily, but it turns out that Thailand still has its own charm.

Having a strong culture and also a dancing tourist attraction, Thailand always presents new tours. You will definitely not get bored even if you visit this place many times. However, for those of you who are just visiting Thailand, these 10 recommended tourist attractions may help you.

1. Grand Palace

The first place frequented by tourists is the Grand Palace. Presenting the appearance of authentic Thai buildings with a blend of western architecture. So, this is the most popular tourist spot in Thailand you have to visit. Moreover, this tourist attraction was originally the palace of the King of Thailand. Absolutely, this place is very majestic with extraordinary beauty.

2. Pattaya

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Tourist attractions in Southern Thailand on this one are often visited by tourists. Why not.. Pattaya offers a very beautiful view. Thai specialties are available with unique flavors, while Pattaya provides many markets and shopping centers. So, this is heaven for those of you who like to travel the world.

3. Baan Pinsuwan Benjarong


Located in one area called Samut Songkhram, the most popular tourist spot in Thailand, this one offers interesting ceramic crafts. You can see the processing of ceramics from the home industry, starting from how to manufacture it to beautiful coloring. Here you will find traditional Thai ceramics that are very beautiful and suitable for souvenirs.

4. Madam Tussaud

This one is very famous museum located in Bangkok makes it very popular for its wax figure. You can meet major artists or figures all over the world in the form of wax sculptures in this museum. Certainly, it will be very interesting because it looks like seeing the original character.

5. Four Faces Buddha

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Thailand is indeed famous for its culture that is very pronounced. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand that we also recommend is the Four Faces Buddha. Located in the courtyard of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, you can see first hand the statue that has existed since 1956.

6. Suphattra Land

For fruit enthusiasts, Thailand also provides a large fruit garden. You can learn about them, see the planting process, or pick and eat them right here. Of course with the best quality fruit.

7. Phuket

The most popular tourist spot in Thailand that cannot be missed is Phuket. This clear and very beautiful beach is always a must-visit list. You shouldn't miss this one tourist attraction, of course. Phuket itself is one of Thailand 's most visited natural tourist attractions.

8. Khao San Road


If you like traveling, especially abroad, make sure for tasting culinary in Thailand. Therefore, on Khao San Road this is the culinary tourism spot. You can find a variety of interesting foods that are delicious and have never been tasted before.

9. Chiang Rai

This is the border between Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Chiang Rai is the most popular tourist spot in Thailand that really needs to be visited. It has a very beautiful architecture, certainly can spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it.

10. Wat Phra Kaew

Of course, Thailand sounds so famous because of ancient temples and buildings. So, Wat Phra Kaew really needs to be visited. You will often see many tourists taking pictures here. Therefore, don't forget this one tourist attraction, huh!

Vacationing is the best solution to spend your long free time. Therefore, try to visit various recommended tourist attractions in Thailand . Come on, let's go to Thailand!