The importance of mental Health in Indonesia

World Mental Health Day 2020 is celebrated on Saturday, 10-10-2020. Apart from the uniqe date, it also has a huge benefit to focus on mental issues, especially in my country, Indonesia.

You know, every single day, so many people struggle with their minds, their feelings, their days. Let me tell you a simple example. When i was young, i had a big problem. I was born in the patriarchal society, which always blaming everyone who have a different concept of masculinity or feminimity.

Many of them mocked me, both in private talk or even in a public area. They said "bencong" (translate: sissy). It really hurt me, and because of that, i start to overthink. I wonder, how it could be me? I mean, it's unfair, when the other boys could enjoy their lifes, how about me? Nobody cares my feeling.

Likewise when i was in Junior High School. Some of my friends, did it too. Moreover, they did so many verbal abuse to me. So, why do Indonesian people attack me as my life, even i do nothing to them?

I'm a pinky boy, who loves all of pink stuff. But i don't like some of boy's stuff. Am i wrong? No, it's not your business, it just my preference lifestyle.

This is the biggest problem, i think. They have been indoctrinated about toxic masculinity, then Indonesian people should get educated about the importance of mental health. So they can respect other's choices as well.

Not just in Indonesia, arround the world, almost 1 billion people had mental disorders, and 3 million people died because of that. Do you still want to pressure them? C'mon guys..

So, I'm begging all of you, to stop pressure other people. Why we can't choose a peace of life? You can live with happiness, so do I. That's my biggest dream, ever.

Well, thanks for reading this article. Hope you enjoy it, spread this peace message to your friend, your bestie, family, etc. I love you so much. Happy World Mental Health Day 2020 everyone 🥰

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6 komentar:

  1. Oh, I forgot to write about this topic. It's already in my list but I missed it.

    Well, I guess people still can not accept pinky guys. I wonder how pink your choices are? I mean there is pink, pastel pink, pale pink, electric pink, etc. Which kind of pink do you like?

    I also like pink and purple. I like soft pastel pink or reddish pink.

    Whether you like pink or not I think it's important for you to show that you are a male person. Through your talk, walk and behaviour.

    Please don't take it personally if you don't like my opinion. Thanks.

    1. Hahaha, life is actually unfair, if i have to prove them how I talk, walk, etc hahahaha just to get recognition.

      I'm trying so hard to do as you want. It couldn't change anything. Hahaha

      The only one we have to do is just respect other's choices. Because we really dont know their problems, struggles. Just a lil bit love.

      Never mind, I love your thoughts, thanks for advice

  2. Sometimes this thing is happened unneccesarily. It just flow and happened cause itself. Pressure and bullying happened easily whereas this issue is really crutial and sensitive for some people

    Really glad how you dare to ralk and share you story, it Acknowledge me and encourage me to start it from myself. Stop discriminating and start sharing positive thing from myself for the first time

    Thanks for sharing this to Us

    1. For me, it's an honor, thanks Brother for this appreciation. Hope you enjoy it

  3. oh, do understand what do you feel. That's hurt, when I was in junior high school, I was bullied.


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