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Kameymall : A Trusted Trading Platform for More than 20 Years. How to Join?

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Rabu, 22 September 2021

Hello, how are you guys? I hope you are in a good way, stay healthy, and always happy of course. In this article, i will share an information for you about a trading platform which is so beneficial if you like shopping. For me personally, shopping is a very pleasant thing. There are many positive things that we can take from doing buying and selling activities both online and conventionally. I will explain to you about 5 benefits of doing online shopping.

1. Most online businesses offer much lower prices than a shop. The reason is, now many people know that selling stuff  on the internet tend to be cheaper because no building tax of it. Moreover, the seller/owner also reduce profit margins in order to get more customers. 2. Online shopping has become convenient because there is no need to think about clothes to go to the store. Also, if your work hours are very busy or irregular, online shopping allows you to buy things without having to spend a lot of time. 

3. Most offline stores only have a limited number of products. For example, there may be some products that are only available in certain stores. Online shopping makes it possible to find many products that are not found in stores. 

4. The online store also provides a very complete visualization, there is even a review column available, there is a detailed product preview, even attractive offers. 

5. Online shopping allows you to buy things with privacy. Like, buy a clothes or underwear without feel so embarrassed. Online shopping provides privacy because no one will see when you shop, unless you are shopping with friends or a partner. In addition, shipments are usually wrapped neatly so that when the recipient of the goods you don't have to cover it up.

It must be fun, right? Then, i will show you a good site if you want to buy anything. Yup, Kameymall.com

Let me introduce first. Kameymall is called “International Version of Taobao” by most of seller. It’s an online wholesale and retail products as one. They have their own factory and gather all Chinese products. They also serve buying and selling activities covering Europe – United States, and getting involved in wholesale and retail for 20 years, include export-import activities.

They prioritize customer convenience, because it’s so essential and valuable for them. Well, this site adopt commision system, which means only collects fees after the transatcion between buyer and seller is completed.

For industrial distribution purposes, the products in there is very complete. Kameymall covers 30 first-level industri categories, like 3C, furnishing, etc. Mostly, the dominant products on market are mainly : clothing and apparel, jewerly, handicraft, sports, etc. It’s good, if you love to choose any suitable stuff for you, because there are many options available.

It's very easy to sell there. Simply upload the characteristics, quotations, and include some photos, and prepare the best shipment to send it after the payment from the buyer is completed.

Well, if you have any questions about this site, you can go directly to the FAQ page. In there, you can find many useful and beneficial tutorials for easy transactions. For example, How do I change my email address? Or it can also help you when you cannot LOGIN, etc.

In conclusion, we can use kameymall.com if we want to buy a variety of different products, because the site itself has 20 years of experience. I hope you can enjoy shopping and buy what you want. Have a nice day, don’t forget to checkout your stuff at kameymall.com

See you later, guys!