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Jumat, 01 Oktober 2021


Hello, baby boy! How was ur day? Is everything okay? I had you whining 10 years ago, is that same today, huh? Look, it is me from 10 years ago, it was 31 Oct 2021. Yeah, the pandemic era. I don't know, can you still read this or not, i really don't know. If you caught this message, it means, you have to see it, and remember everything. Okay?

The last i know, you always buy some cute stuff like dino bag, skincares, etc. And you was like "Dang, I'm so cute with these". Still childish or more mature right now? Good. Whatever your choice, it's good. Well, have you find your special? Like you know what i mean, is that ur type? You seems too picky hey, i really know who you are, boy.. Hahaha

Tell me something boy.. Do you feel more comfortable right now? Or still survive n maybe getting worse than before? T_T. It's okay, don't appologize for that, you're human too, sometimes we wrong, sometimes we right, God always know how big your efforts so far. If you want to cry, just cry for me. Here's your unlucky boy. It's me.

The reason I wrote this, because i wanna say thank you so much for always with me in every conditions, untill know. You was so hopeless in the past, right? But you can stand with that cute face right now. It means, God save you, child.... And i know you always trying your best for it. That so priceless, for me. I appreciate that. 

It's okay, if you cry loud after see this message, i did it too when i wrote it.... Life is that hard, boy... we can through this together, you're not alone. So, let's get up! :)


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