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Tips About How To Register A Trademark In Indonesia

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Jumat, 09 Desember 2022


The Faisol Times - If you want to know how to register a trademark in Indonesia then you should visit the website of Direktorat Jenderal Kekayaan Intelektual (the Directorate General of Intellectual Property). Company owners, as applicants should submit their applications that are based on the Number 22 Indonesian Government Regulation 2018 that regulates the Registration of International Trademark Based on the Madrid Protocol Agreement (Government Regulation Number 5 of 2018). Definitely, there are rules and regulations to register a trademark that company owners should apply. 

Find Out How To Register A Trademark In Indonesia 

There are some requirements that applicants should follow before registering a trademark. The first and most important requirement is that the applicant has to be an Indonesian citizen. Definitely, the applicant should own a real business in form of an industry or commercial in Indonesia. 

Applicants have to include several requirements on their applications such as: 

1. Name and Address 

2. The detail of the trademark 

3. The code of either good or service 

4. Details of trademark’s logos, colors, and design 

5. Justification of payment to the Directorate General. 

Joining Examination 

All applicants should enroll in the stage of examination for 150 days. Yet it applies when there isn’t another party that is also applying in the period of publication. If it happens, then all parties will enroll in the examination at the same time. 

The examination is the Ministry of Law and Human Rights competence in which the process won’t last longer than nine months. When applicants already pass the examination, then the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights can submit the certificate of registration and publish the trademark. 

During this phase of publication, any party is allowed to oppose the process by using a written objection. When the process succeeds then the examination and investigation should be carried out in which the process requires from one to two years. 

The Duration of Trademark Registration 

The duration of trademark registration starts with the filing date and is valid for ten years. Owners have to renew the registration for ten year period. For those who want to transfer their trademark rights, they can easily do it due to several factors like mutual agreement, inheritance, business merger, and acquisition. 

The process of trademark rights transfer can be done through the submission of a transfer application. It will take fifteen days to review for The Directorate General. Then, the trademark transfer is recorded in the database of trademark registration within six months. A third-party licensing trademark is also possible. 

Is It Possible for an Application to be Refused? 

Some applicants are wondering why their applications are rejected. There are several reasons why a trademark is refused. Some reasons include morality, offensiveness, and other related factors. Other important factors include a similar style of a trademark that is already approved. 

However, there is another important reason that applicants give the unmatched stated classification with their related goods and services. It is also important to notice that a name that is very similar to a famous figure will also be rejected. So, with all of those steps about how to register a trademark in Indonesia, company owners can be proud of the trademark.