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The Process of Indonesia Trademark Registration

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Jumat, 09 Desember 2022


The Faisol Times - Indonesia trademark registration is a must for business owners. This is because it is under the regulation of Law Number 15 of 2001- Trademark Act. It is the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights competence. Basically, intellectual property rights can protect the trademarks of a company. The Indonesian Government officially launched the New Trademark and Geographical Indication Law. 

Registering a trademark is very crucial because having a commercial trademark can bring lots of advantages for a company, in all countries. Yet, every country provides particularities benefits. Particularly in Indonesia, having a trademark allows a company to own special protection for their products and services against third parties claims. 

The Importance of Indonesia Trademark Registration 

In Indonesia, companies are urged to have their trademark registered. By having a trademark, a company will have more notoriety. The company will have higher value and be considered very professional. It is easier for targeted markets to trust the company’s products and services. 

The rule is that the company that is ‘first to file’ is the one that has the priority of the trademark use. A trademark owner can seek protection from the government in many countries at once only by filling one application in a single office with only a single fee as it is based on the Madrid Protocol rule. The rule is applied since October 2nd 2017. 

Trademark registration of a company becomes an invaluable asset for building the brand of a company. Besides, a company is recognizable through its design, logo, slogans, and colors. Particularly in this country, the registration of a trademark should be accomplished through a series of processes. 

The Preparation of Registration of Trademark in Indonesia 

First of all, a company owner should understand that a brand check is very crucial for determining whether its registration might be approved or not. Basically, the more thorough it is on its trademark application, the more chances it gets approval. A company owner has to make sure that its trademark can be distinguished clearly from other similar trademarks, particularly the ones which are already registered or in process. 

The registration of a trademark may require one year or more. Yet, the company owner can take the advantage of its good credibility. Any product or service that has a trademark has good marketability. Besides, it has legalization to avoid either piracy or copy-cats. 

All trademark applications should go directly to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property. The institution will review the applications and make several verifications before giving approval. Every applicant can file their trademark registration application by appointing a registered Trademark Consultant with a signed Power of Attorney and Declaration of Entitlement. 

Following The Steps Carefully 

There will be a series of steps that company owners have to go through when they are about to go accomplish their trademark registration. Once an application is submitted, it will take at least 15 days for a formality check. The application should be written by describing the name, address, and nationality clearly in Bahasa. 

Some company owners decide to hire a consultant for intellectual property. But, others may prefer to register online. All in all, Indonesia trademark registration is very easy. It is also very crucial to get the trademark for the sake of a company’s credibility.