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Trademark Indonesia and the Things You Need to Understand

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Minggu, 18 Desember 2022

Trademarks are so crucial that registering trademark Indonesia patendo.com (within the country) is considered a part of business assets. If you happen to have a business in Indonesia, then it’s imperative that you register your trademark for many good reasons. You don’t want other parties, especially your competitors, to use your distinctive logo, or catch-phrases, or image. You want to retain the exclusive rights to them. You will need a legal assistance, but make sure you really understand what the trademark is all about before managing the registration. After all, it’s not cheap. 

Trademark Indonesia: Understanding the Term

A trademark refers to anything that can make your business (products or services) different from the others. A trademark would separate a legal entity, a firm, a person, etc from the others. It comes in the form of colors, illustrations, phrases, graphics, characters, symbols, designs or others. A trademark is unique because it would make you stand out and unique from the others. 

A trademark helps your customers identify you (or your products or services) more easily. For instance, you want to buy a mobile phone. You can see a logo of a bitten apple even from far away distance, and you immediately know that it’s Apple. That’s how powerful a trademark can be. 

Trademark Law in Indonesia

Once you register your trademark in Indonesia, you have legal rights over your business. The law would protect you, allowing you to file legal action in the event there is an unauthorized usage of your trademark. This is the reason why you should register your trademark: It is a legal distinction of a product or a brand. 

When you register, the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (Kantor Direktorat Jenderal Kekayaan Intelektual) would be the one responsible for reviewing your application, approving it, and then putting it within the database of Indonesia trademark. In the end, the IP (Intellectual Property) would protect (and also cover) your trademark as a part of your business’ assets. 

The Details about Trademark Registration

Is it possible for you to manage the registration by yourself without hiring a local IP consultant? If you are an Indonesian citizen having a business, you can manage your registration online. However, if you are a foreigner wanting to invest or open a business in the country, you will have to hire an IP consultant. And you need to have a (signed) Declaration of Entitlement and Power of Attorney that gives them right to file the trademark application. 

The registration process can take a while. In general, it can range from 14 months to 24 months, depending on the entire process. The charges and fees may vary because it depends on the services (or goods) classes. But in general, the fee is set at around QDR. 1,800,000 for each class.  Naturally, if you have to hire a professional consultant, the cost would add up.


Dealing with trademark registration and application may require extra efforts, but it’s not excessively complicated or overwhelming. You can always hire a consultant, but you can also decide not to if you want to save up money – provided that you are a citizen. If you are clueless or you don’t really know what to do, it’s advisable that you ask for a help and get as much information as possible about trademark Indonesia.