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Best Movies Like Interstellar (2014)

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Jumat, 05 Mei 2023


Interstellar is one of the most famous science fiction films. With a complex plot and full of interesting scientific theories, the film successfully hypnotises its audience from start to finish. However, for those of you who have already watched Interstellar and looking for a similar film that can provide a similar experience, then there are a few film options that can be explored.

Movies Similar to Interstellar

Here is a list of movies like Interstellar with a synopsis and rating, that will make readers even more interested in watching it:

Inception (2010) - IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

Inception is a science fiction film by Christopher Nolan that also leads to a complex plot like Interstellar. The film tells the story of a professional thief who develops a technique to infiltrate people's dreams and steal secrets from their subconscious. In this film, we will be presented with amazing visual effects and plot twists that will leave the audience wondering.

Contact (1997) - IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

This film tells the story of an astronomer who discovers a radio signal from outer space and tries to figure out its origin. This film is very similar to Interstellar as both films show space exploration and interesting scientific theories. Contact also manages to give a deep feeling to its characters and keeps the audience wondering about what will happen next.

The Martian (2015) - IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

This film follows the adventures of an astronaut who is stranded on Mars and must find a way to survive. Like Interstellar, The Martian also shows space exploration and interesting scientific theories. However, it has a lighter and more optimistic feel, making it a very entertaining and inspiring film.

Ad Astra (2019) - IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

The film tells the story of an astronaut who travels into space in search of his missing father, and at the same time also seeks answers about why his previous space exploration mission failed. Ad Astra is similar to Interstellar in that both films show space exploration and travel that presents tremendous difficulties and challenges for the characters.

Solaris (2002) - IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Solaris is a science fiction film adapted from a novel by Stanislaw Lem. The film tells the story of a psychologist who is sent to a space station located around a mysterious planet called Solaris. Like Interstellar, Solaris also combines elements of science fiction with strong human drama, and shows interesting space exploration. The film also manages to give a dark and mysterious feel, leaving the audience wondering about what is really going on.

Those are some Interstellar-like films that are worth watching. Each film has its own uniqueness and will certainly provide a different experience for the user. the audience. From the list, there are highly rated films like Inception and The Martian, as well as lesser films like Ad Astra and Solaris. Nonetheless, each film has its own appeal and is definitely worth checking out for audiences looking for a similar experience to Interstellar.


In addition, these films also share similar themes to Interstellar such as space exploration, scientific theories, and strong human drama. However, each film also has a different feel, ranging from stunning visual effects to mysterious and questionable stories.

With this list, viewers can discover films similar to Interstellar and explore the wider world of science fiction. Be sure to allow enough time and thought when watching these films, as each film will provide a unique and captivating experience.