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The attractions of Dubai and its holiday spots

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Selasa, 14 November 2023


Planning to go on a trip for the holidays? Dubai should be your top priority. Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates and is the most popular and second-largest state of UAE. It is the Emirate’s capital, located on the Persian Gulf. Dubai has become the largest and fastest-growing destination for tourists due to its attractions and luxury spots. 

Stunning desert landscapes, beaches, cruises, enchanting beauty of nature, and captivating architecture are some of the few compelling features for tourists. Dubai's culture and economic development can be seen by visiting places in Dubai. This article will surely help you to find some beautiful holiday spots in Dubai.

1.      Burj Khalifa


Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and one of the majestic places to visit. Its height is 828m. This place always remains crowded day and night. Looking up in awe, the Burj Khalifa is a masterpiece in itself, and no doubt exploring it will be an adventure for you.

Opening hours:8AM-12 PM daily

Price: From AED 169

2.      Palm Jumeirah


Palm Jumeirah is one of the most remarkable and iconic places to visit. It is the world’s largest man-made island in Dubai. It is a palm tree-shaped island built in the water of the Persian Gulf. Palm Jumeirah has luxurious residential and resort areas. Variety of hotels including Waldorf Astoria, Fairmont, and most notable, Atlantis, The Palm.

3.      The Dubai Desert

Located at a distance from the Modern Streets of Downtown Dubai, is a magic-filled Dubai desert. A popular destination for desert safari, where one can experience a thrilling view of bashing dunes from driving in 4*4 vehicles. And if you are looking for a luxury desert safari, you can also book a safari from leading companies like Platinum Heritage and Arabian Adventure.

4.      Marina Dhow Cruise Dubai


Marina Dubai is the largest man-made canal located along the Persian Gulf shore that runs through the city. A marina dhow cruise allows you to view some of the stunning architecture of Dubai. The marina area also comprises many skyscraper buildings including Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina Yacht Club, and multiple five-star hotels. A Marina Dhow Cruise Dubai is a famous tourist attraction in the Dubai Marina area. It provides you with a unique and relaxing way to experience the city’ beauty, culture, and alluring views. Marina Dhow Cruise operates on the man-made canal in Dubai Marina.

A few top Dubai Marina Dhow cruises are:

  • Dubai Marina Sightseeing Dhow Cruise
  • Dubai Marina Dhow Dinner Cruise
  • Dubai Marina Sunset Cruise

Ticket Price: Marina dhow cruise Dubai ticket price, is relatively higher than other cruises. This is due to the location, views, and ambience you get from its experience. Keep in mind that prices can change over time, and there may be available discounts or packages at specific times.

Depending on your choice, Marina Dhow Cruise ticket prices are listed below:

·         Dubai marina dhow sightseeing cruise ticket price: From AED 120 per person

·         Dubai marina dhow dinner cruise ticket price: From AED 150 per person

·         Per person/adult: typically, AED 180

Source include: dhowcruise.headout.com

Few things you can expect before a marina dhow cruise experience:

  • Sightseeing: Depending upon your choice, if you choose Dhow Creek, you will experience some historical places like the Al-Fahidi historical neighbourhood. If you choose a cruise, you will get some breathtaking views and experience modern Dubai
  • Entertainment: Marina Dhow Cruise Dubai will allow you to entertain yourself with light music and dance performances. Soft lighting and traditional décor will light up your mood.
  • Dinner: Typically offers a dinner buffet with a vast variety of international and local dishes. This includes salads, appetisers, drinks, main course, and desserts.
  • Photography: You get many many moments for photography. Capture Dubai's beautiful scenery, a reflection of water, a serene atmosphere, and the people around you.