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Ways to Boost the Efficiency of the Pneumatic Systems

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Rabu, 15 November 2023


Today, saving energy is one of the major concerns for manufacturers. So that they can reduce their utility bills. They install various energy-efficient technologies. An electronic pressure controller is very helpful in this regard. As it helps to reduce the energy demand and contribute to improving various processes. But you must take care of the following:

Oversizing of Components:

Oversizing components is a total waste of time and money. Therefore, it's necessary to perform the correct measurements of the orifice so that you can have the right high pressure controller device. If you don’t measure it correctly, then you will have the wrong product and this product will fail to deliver the expected result.


Nowadays, these devices come in various shapes, types, and configurations to fulfill the needs of different systems. For instance, a correct cylinder can save 15 % air when compared to an oversized diameter. Therefore if you want to save energy then it's important to use the right size proportional flow control or equipment.

Avoid Using Excess Pressure:

As we know pneumatic systems waste energy because of the high pressure. In most of applications, the cylinder has to push or pull a load but not both. Most of the machines use the same pressure for the extend and retract strokes which is inefficient. In this regard, an electronic pressure controller is very helpful. As it keeps the pressure equal to the set value.

Reduce Volume:

By reducing the length of the tubing runs between components, you can save a lot of energy. When the dead volume area is reduced the pressure loss is eliminated by the short tube lengths.

Minimise Leakage:

By avoiding leaks, you can enhance the efficiency of the pneumatic system. Most of the time people use valves that have metal seals and they have inherent internal leakage. They keep leaking until the air is supplied to the valve. If they switch to a soft seal proportional valve controller they can reduce the leakage.


Deterioration is another cause of seal leakage. If standard seals are not appropriate then look for extreme seals like Teflon, Viton, or Polyurethane. You can boost the efficiency of the pneumatic system by preventing leaks.   


The use of pressure control devices can lower the consumption of energy by 25%. They consistently compare the preset limits to ensure whether the need of the system is met or not. Most of the time the operators enhance the pressure value of the digital pressure controller to improve the performance of the system but it wastes a high amount of air. As a result, you have to pay more in terms of utility bills. If components are sized correctly then it's vital to have a check on the pressure.

Final Words:

Enhance the efficiency of the pneumatic systems by using an electronic pressure controller. By avoiding leaks and taking care of a couple of things that we have discussed above you can enhance the performance. This way, you can cut down the utility bills and save a big amount at the manufacturing unit. Therefore, manufacturers are moving to adopt the latest technology.